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8 Jan 2015

Take Better Pictures (Plus a giveaway and COUPON!)

Photography Fundamentals Workshop at The Photographer Within

Isn’t that what it’s all about? Everyone starts somewhere and the beginning of the year is a great time to do it. Maybe you got a new camera for Christmas, maybe you’ve had it for awhile and you can’t figure out why your pictures aren’t turning out the way you thought they should or maybe you just need something that’s not Team Umizoomi and reactivate those braincells you swear the baby stole. Whatever the reason is, you will end up with something that you love and capture those fleeting moments forever for your family.


Me? I was in a house-full of four little boys aged 2-9 and I barely knew who I was at that point. I picked up that camera and I took this shot shot of my 5 year old
and my heart exploded and the angels sang. I finally saw him in a picture the way I saw him in real life.  I knew I had to learn more. I had to learn manual mode and how to see light so the camera wouldn’t mess up my pictures anymore (I might mess them up still ;)) So I taught myself by reading books, forum posts, everything I could get my hands on. I googled questions I had and it took me about a year to get it all together. And there it was, I finally had something that was for me! And I had amazing pictures of my family. Total win-win!

{{uh~oh}} - Photography Fundamentals Workshop at The Photographer Within

Photography Fundamentals Workshop at The Photographer Within

After a while, I found myself explaining things to other people who had similar questions a lot, and being a former kindergarten teacher, I loved it! So in 2009, I put it all together in a 4 week online class, it’s been revised 3 times since then and I’m so honored to have taught thousands of other people to learn to love photography. I’ve met so many amazing girls whom I now call good friends.

I want more people to feel like this. I’m giving an active participation seat away to a lucky person who shares this blog post on Facebook. Share the link in the comments and tell me why you want to win (make me laugh or cry for bonus points ;)) Photography Fundamentals starts THIS Monday, January 12. Here’s a little preview of class:

And a free download:

and a special offer! Only for the first 10 people!
discount code

12 Responses

  1. Sarah

    I want to win because I am so over spray and pray and my sleep addled brain needs all info these days to be clear and simple!!!

  2. Lynne, I hope to win because I haven’t ever won anything in my life! It doesn’t matter, though, if I don’t because I want to take the class anyway! The only thing that held me back before was figuring out how to use the forum!!! I’m a total ditz about it!!! Nonetheless, I’m excited!!!


  3. Colleen link

    I really need photography help.. The first time out experimenting with my daughters I fractured my finger! See you know I need serious help..

  4. Salleah

    I am entering this contest because I am aspiring to start a photography business this spring. My husband battled a rare aggressive cancer for 2+ years. During that time, I have documented our life as a hobby-and a way to remember that not every moment has to be outshined by the rare darker ones. I love photo’s of my children playing in the dirt (both boys, 13 months apart), trying to “fix” their bike with daddy’s tools, and other wonderful things that are in life, often overlooked in the midst of chaos. Photography has been a friend to me and I really want to introduce her to others as I try to learn all that I can. I desire to become better and do something I love while helping support my family. I would love to be considered for this opportunity. BTW, God has healed my husband and he is well today. We are forever grateful and are always looking for an opportunity to share that gift.

    1. salleah calfee

      When i left this comment I left an email address that I use frequently, but i am having trouble logging in to it. Please use the above email, salleah.calfee@yahoo.com to contact me if you would need to. Thanks for understanding.

  5. I tried to tag a picture of my gorgeous 3.5 month old on here. My pictures turn out horribly and absolutely do not do her justice. I was hoping when you saw her and how bad the picture quality was you would feel bad for me. Give this amazing little girl the opportunity to really shine and show the world how she looks through my eyes. Come onnnn… Pretty please with sugar on top?!?!

  6. Kim McMahon

    I’d love to win because I’m a former teacher too who just sent her youngest my only girl off to Kindergarten this year and I want to capture special moments when she is home with me! We also moved into a new house over the holidays and I aspire to fill it with my own photography !